Flood Risk Assessment Highlights areas at risk in Cumbria

The recent flooding issues in Cumbria and across the north of England have recently prompted the preparation of a Strategic Flood Risk Plan for these areas, as is also the case for numerous other councils throughout the UK. The level of detail being prepared for the Strategic Flood Risk Plan will see Cumbria become one of the leading councils in the UK on flood risk.
The report concludes that there is no surface water flood risk of national significance in Cumbria, but it did identify areas of local significance that will be investigated in the future.
Experts stress the list does not mean these are the areas most likely to be flooded in the county as the report only accounts for surface and ground water, not main rivers. More analysis will be done to produce a final priority list.
Councillor Tim Knowles, cabinet member for environment, said: “We’ll also be able to focus maintenance works in the areas where there could be a risk of surface water flooding and work with planners and developers to make provisions in new housing developments.”
James Potter, a Flood Risk Engineer at AAH Planning Consultants states that never has it been so important to ensure that future development considers potential flood risk, and use professional reports to accompany future development in order to ensure future devastation does not occur.

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  1. mark horridge says:

    I am considering moving to sandside/arnside areas of cumbria have you any details of flood risk? many thanks

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