Flood Risk Assessment Needed More Than Ever!

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) have added more weight to Flood Risk Assessment over mounting concerns that the new draft planning policy could encourage development in areas at risk of flooding. The recent article in the telegraph is one of a number of recent comments made by various bodies over concerns on the new government policy which looks to not prohibit development in the countryside.   

The most recent focus refers to concerns raised by Otto Thoresen, the ABI director general, who said the draft framework could “lead to a rise in inappropriate developments in flood risk areas, with people struggling to get insurance”. He continues that “the result would not be stimulation of the economy but misery for people when their homes are flooded.”

The erratic weather in recent years has lead to issues affecting thousands of people. If new development does not include mitigation measures to alleviate flood risk, through a professional Flood Risk Assessment, the potential long terms effects could be compounded.

The article in the telegraph continues that Mr Thoresen said that flood risk was rising, with one in six homes and 185,000 businesses at risk from rising water levels. A further 350,000 properties are likely to be at risk of “significant flooding” by 2035.

In response to the ABI claims, a spokesman for the Department for Communities and Local Government said: “We are maintaining the requirement for a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment to inform local plans, and keeping the need for individual planning applications in flood risk areas to be supported by a site-specific flood risk assessment.”

Never has it been more important to ensure applications have a Flood Risk Assessment which will effectively mitigate any concerns raised.


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