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Planning Consultancy continue to feel squeeze in the residential sector

With continual international economic uncertainty, the UK domestic residential sector looks to continue to have a tumultuous time.  The Department for Communities and Local Government figures has recently released figures, showing that house building starts stood at 23,400 in the … Continue reading

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Flood Risk Pressure Rises

A recent article highlighting the flooding risks the UK as climate change intensifies causes concern to both the naturalist and developer. With unpredictability in weather patterns throughout the globe the need to ensure that future development is protected from the … Continue reading

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Planning Reform – Localism

The Localism Bill recently received Royal Ascent. The recently released document provides further clarity on this matter, with a particular focus on the impact of neighbourhood community groups becoming empowered through the planning process. The report states that, ‘Neighbourhood planning … Continue reading

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Changes to Listed Building Consent Regime Planned

Listed Building Consent is set to become a much less bureaucratic exercise, with owners potentially requiring much less restriction for undertaking works which are not in parts of the building which are contributing factors to the listed building itself. The … Continue reading

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Planning Policy Update

Details of revisions to local planning policies continue to emerge, with the latest movement towards Ministers plans to publish a prospectus shortly, inviting councils and communities to identify opportunities for “locally planned large scale development, which will take advantage of … Continue reading

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Planning Reforms Update

The recently produced document, ‘Laying the foundation: A housing strategy forEngland’ sets out the latest government views on the future of residential planning and development. Interestingly the government identify that they cannot set targets from Whitehall, and seek to revoke … Continue reading

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Changes In Policies For Climate Change

A recently produced draft statement sets out a profession based view of climate change. It describes scientific evidence, the pace and scale of change, economic and sustainability background, urgency for action and the key drivers now increasingly converting climate change … Continue reading

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Town Planning Push Towards Reform

As we now approach the final stages of localism, the pressure is mounting within both the public and private sector in terms of viewing the potential impact of the Bill. Questions regarding neighbourhood plans, how the government will incentivise the … Continue reading

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Royal Town Planning Institute Delivers Verdict

The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) has recently released its formal comments for consideration. One of the main concerns revolves around the lack of clarity of the National Planning Policy (NPPF).  The points have been summarised below: Clarification of the … Continue reading

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AAH Planning, Wind Turbine Planning Specialists

AAH Planning has just completed its 80th application for a wind turbine, making the company a leader in providing expert planning support for individuals and companies. Our clients keep using our services as we offer professional support and assistance in … Continue reading

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